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Tom Jolin

You've Been A Friend Of Me - Download
(Thomas Jolin/Catharine Roth)
Tom sings lead and plays banjo, while Catharine Roth sing harmony and plays autoharp.  This is a signature song from The Carter Family.

Children Peace Marching - Download
(Thomas Jolin - Civilian)
Tom plays hammered dulcimer, harmonica and guitar.  Tom wrote this tune about 1988 in honor of the Gettysburg children that sang at the 50th anniversary of the Peace Light Memorial in Gettysburg.  Lots of governors were there to hear keynote speaker, Carl Sagen, but it was the children that stole the show. (in the opinion of us parents that had kids in the choir) It was also the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Barlow Knife/Kingdom Coming - Download
(Thomas Jolin/Catharine Roth)
Tom plays hammered dulcimer while Catharine Roth plays guitar. Barlow Knife is probably derived from two 17th century Scottish tunes: "The Old Man" and "Long Er Onie Old Man".  Kingdom Coming is an abolition tune written by Henry Clay Work in 1862.